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TeleMarketers Should Be Banned

I must be going through some pari-menopausal moment or something.   Lately, just about everyone has been getting on my last nerve.  Besides having to deal with day to day stress, it never helps when assholes put the cherry on top of the proverbial cake. I must get at least 50 telemarketing calls a day at work.  And the majority of them are the pre-recorded messages that you just can’t get rude with.  I never feel better slamming the phone down on a recording, if anything, it adds to my frustration.  Usually, when you press #9, it’s supposed to unsubscribe you – but not all the time.  How many times have I been told that I am unsubscribed only to get another phone call from the same recording two days later?  WTF?!?!

Then, you get the “we would like to send you a free subscription to Whackadoo magazine” or some dumb ass publication.  NO NO NO, how many times do I have to say NO?!?  The usual response I get is “but it’s free”.  So the hell what.  So is catching syphillis if you know where to look for it – GO TO FREAKIN HELL ALREADY AND STOP CALLING!

It’s aggravating enough to get these calls, but it’s worse when you are in the middle of something.   I don’t get the luxury of sitting at my desk the entire day – usually, I am up and about, running around, multitasking my ass off.  Then, the phone rings.  I’ll stop, drop (whatever I am carrying) and run to the phone, only to find it’s a telemarketer or one of their cowardly recordings.  @(*#^$^!(*^)(@^&#(&*@!()*&.  I wish I had a gun. Oh I wish.   Call me rude, but I get such a sense of satisfaction when I do get a real person on the phone stammering their shtick, and I calmly and quietly hang up the phone mid-yadda yadda.  I know, they are doing their job – but I personally think the job itself sucks.

So, on that note, I hopefully will be able to drive home tonight with a little less road rage knowing I released some of this aggression.  Do you think I have anger management issues?  I just might.  I know I have a temper.  But in my defense, it takes a lot to break me – and 50 friggin calls a day just about pushes me over the edge.


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