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My review of Karma – wifi hotspot

We wanted (and needed) a wifi hotspot.  And, as I always do, I did some extensive research.  First of all, I wanted something that I didn’t have to pay for each month.  In my eyes, that would have been a waste for me.  So, I looked into “pay as you go” plans – and the two main options:  Walmart’s Straight Talk and Karma WiFi.  I opted for Karma.  Besides offering a generous start-up plan, I liked the fact that you can actually earn wifi time.  Now, we don’t use our hot spot very often – which was another reason why I wanted something “pay as you go”… and the overall coverage seemed to be “OK” at best, and I thought this was the better option for what we needed.   I was stoked.

Karma Wi-fi Hotspot

Karma Wi-fi Hotspot

So … enter Karma… after getting what I thought was an excellent deal (thanks to a great sale they had at the time…) – what seemed like a couple of months later they announced a new, updated version of the device.  :/  OOOOKKKKK… not liking the sound of this.  So, I have what is now referred to as the Karma “Classic”.  Sure – I can upgrade for a special price – but why the hell would I?  I JUST BOUGHT THIS THING!?!?!

Anyway.. let’s get back on track … first few times we used it, it worked great.  However – my immediate advise? Make sure you check the coverage in the area you plan to use it.  Although… you see, sometimes, that doesn’t matter.

We took a trip to Atlantic City and I decided we were going to take our hotspot.  Some of the rooms in AC don’t offer wifi unless you are wiling to pay more than the room for it … so I thought HA! We have a hotspot!  So, before we left, I signed into their coverage map and to my surprise, found Atlantic City to be well covered (more than most I have seen…).  Needless to say, I was excited about it.

That night, we both decided to catch up on our email and check in on a couple of games.  I fired up the Karma – made sure it was as close to the window as it possibly can be – and waited.  And waited.  And well, waited some more.  I signed into my settings and it showed I was connected – but no internet service.  I tried to search the web, tried to open a few apps – nothing.  I got the dreaded “You are not connected to the internet” message I so hate seeing.  After spending about a half an hour with the device – I gave up, pissed and disappointed.   The little “4G” light blinked on, off and then red (which basically means – no such luck).

I haven’t touched it since.  Make me think – was I sitting in the one remote spot of Atlantic City that didn’t get coverage (like our room).  :/  (Yes, sarcasm.)  All I know is that we were very disappointed – and reluctant to even recommend this device to family and friends.

Yet, my feelings are mixed.  When I use it out and about (around our home area), it seems to work fine – even in the car as we drive.  I took it to work and used it and had no problem.  (And this area’s coverage is choppy.)  Yet I take it to an area that had the best coverage I have ever seen for this device – and nothing.

In conclusion, I am thinking of using up my minutes and possibly getting a different device.  It could be as easy as springing the extra cash to buy the upgraded version, but this left a bitter taste in my mouth.  That doesn’t guarantee that it will work when I need (or expect) it to.


One Response to “My review of Karma – wifi hotspot”

  1. So I received a response to my complaint to Karma and was told that the coverage map applied to the new version of the device. :/ Well, that sucks. I was given a coverage map that applies to my device – and I haven’t bothered comparing the two yet. I’m just that disappointed.

    Maybe it’s me, but I feel cheated on this – maybe that’s why they offered it as such a great price when they did … seems kind of “shady” to me though. If I knew a better device was coming, I would have waited. Now, I feel stuck.


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