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World of Warcraft: Draenor – Garrison Followers

Garrison followers go on missions that have a variety of rewards including materials to build your Garrison further or entry-level raid loot. They can be collected through questing, achievements, or via the Lunarfall Inn / Frostwall Tavern.

Followers can be assigned on Garrison Missions, which provide you with Garrison Resources, vanity items, follower experience, and even potential gear.

Followers can provide certain bonuses to your Garrison Buildings, such as the ability to change the appearance of your weapon enchant and increase Work Order yield.

Several Bodyguard followers can assist you killing mobs in Draenor and eventually grant special abilities like Ishaal Perk: Courier Raven.

Followers can be obtained by questing and achievements, and players with the Level 2 Lunarfall Inn / Frostwall Tavern can recruit additional followers.

Aknor Steelbringer  – Level 100 Follower from the Raid Achievement: The Steel Has Been Brought.  Counters: Minion Swarms. +1 Ability +3 Traits

Croman – Level 100 Follower from the Dungeon Achievement: Come With Me If You Want to Live.  Counters: Counters: Massive Strike. +1 Ability +3 Traits

Leeroy Jenkins – Level 100 Follower from the Dungeon Achievement: Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy…?
Counters: Minion Swarms. +1 Ability +3 Traits

Meatball  – Level 100 Follower from Brawler’s Guild Rank 5. (5000g for his Contract.)
Counters: Timed Battle. +1 Ability +3 Traits

Millhouse Manastorm – Level 100 Follower from Lunarfall Inn Level 2.
Counters: Deadly Minions. +1 Ability +3 Traits

Cleric Maluuf – Level 100 Follower from Council of Exarchs reputation. Counters: Group Damage.

Purchasable from Vindicator Nuurem the Council of Exarchs reputation vendor in Ashran, once you are Revered with the Council of Exarchs.

Dawnseeker Rukaryx  – Level 100 Follower from Ashran.  Counters: Minion Swarms.

Sold by Dawn-Seeker Krek the Apexis Trader for 5,000g and 5,000 Apexis Crystals. No one is going to want to purchase this Follower until later as Apexis Crystals are the currency for 655 Epics.

Nat Pagle  – Level 100 Follower from your Fishing Shack.
Counters: Deadly Minions. Angler: Allows you to catch Lunkers without bait in Draenor.

Goldmane the Skinner  – Level 100 Follower in Nagrand.
Counters: Danger Zone. Has Skinning – Boosts work order production based on follower level while assigned to the Barn.

Go to Ironfist Harbor on the southern coast of Nagrand and climb the tower at [40,76], Kill Bolkar the Cruel and loot his Key.  Unlock Goldmane’s cage to release him and he will offer you a quest for him as a Follower.

Vindicator Heluun  – Level 100 Follower from the Trading Post.  Counters: Group Damage.

Can purchase from the Sha’tari Defense vendor once you are Revered for 5,000g. Sha’tari Defense requires the Trading Post.

Image of Archmage Vargoth – Level 100 Follower in Draenor.  Counters: Powerful Spell.  You need to collect all the pieces around the world. Requires level 100.

To obtain this follower you will need to find 4 of his items, Mysterious Hat, Mysterious Ring, Mysterious Boots, and Mysterious Staff. Each of these items when looted gives its own quest to turn in – when all 4 items have been turned in you get this rare follower!

Frostfire Ridge (Boots): 68, 18 – NE area in the snow all by itself; I had to go through the lvl 100 area Magnarok to get to them.

Gorgrond (Ring): 39, 39 – South of the FP labeled “Skysea Point”; it’s actually in one of the “craters” on the mountain west of the lvl 100 Iron Horde Orcs and just north of the pools with the “turned to stone” Gronns, etc (Worldrender)

Taladar (Hat): 45, 37 – Shattrath; in the area with the lvl 100 Sargerai mobs. I reached the area by using the Shattrath FP, going down into the city using the elevator, and just running to the coords

Nagrand (Staff): 46, 15 – NW area (excluding Highmaul area). Near the Broken Precipice in the Cerulean Lagoon in which you take damage from the noxious swamp fumes every second.

Phylarch the Evergreen – Level 100 Follower from the Lumber Mill. Counters: Deadly Minions. Also has Evergreen, when assigned to the Lumber Mill increases Garrison Resources yielded from Work Orders by 50%. (Requires a Level 3 Lumber Mill, once you cut down 3 Large Timbers he will let you add him to your Garrison.)

Professor Felblast  – Level 100 Follower from Steamwheedle Preservation Society rep.
Counters: Timed Battle.

Sold by Gazrix Gearlock in Ashran for 5,000g, requires Revered with Steamwheedle Preservation Society.

Talon Guard Kurekk  – Level 100 Follower in Spires of Arak.  Counters: Minion Swarms.

Reward from Mantle of the Talon King achievement which involves completing the Terokk’s Legacy questline in Spires of Arak as well as getting Arakkoa Outcasts rep to Exalted.

Ziri’ak – Level 99 Follower in Spires of Arak.  Counters: Powerful Spell.

Sold by Honest Jim, the Smuggler’s Den Garrison Outpost special ability, for 400g.

Leorajh – Level 97 Follower in Spires of Arak. Counters: Group Damage. Bodyguard who lets you access your Mission table in the field.

Talonpriest Ishaal  – Level 97 Follower in Spires of Arak. Counters: Magic Debuff. Bodyguard who lets you access your mail in the field. (Spires of Arak [46.5,46.8] once you complete all of the Spires of Arak story quests for Between Arak and a Hard Place.)

Defender Illona – Level 95 Follower in Talador.  Counters: Wild Aggression. Bodyguard who lets you summon a party member to your location once you get her to Level 3 Bodyguard.

Weldon Barov – Level 95 Follower anywhere in Draenor.  Counters: Danger Zone.

Pleasure-Bot 8000 – Level 94 Follower in Talador.  Counters: Timed Battle. Has Tailoring.

Torben Zapblast at [62,50] on Duskfall Island gives you the quest Clear! to collect 6 Zapper Sacs from Lakebottom Zappers in the nearby lake. Complete the quest for Pleasure-Bot 8000. 

Tormmok – Level 93 Follower in Gorgrond.  Counters: Wild Aggression. Bodyguard who lets you repair in the field with him once you get him to Level 3 Bodyguard.

Tormmok is located at [45.6,86.2] in Gorgrond. Go up the hill and protect him through waves of attacking mobs in order to get him to give you the quest to add him to your Garrison.

Blook  – Level 92 Follower in Gorgrond.
Counters: Timed Battle, also has Combat Experience – Grants a bonus to mission success chance.

Blook is located at the southern end of Gorgrond. Before you exit the zone into Talador there is a path up into the mountains on the right which takes you to Blook’s Overlook where you can talk to a friendly Blook and confront him. If you beat him in combat he will have a quest turn-in to add him to your Garrison.

Artificer Romuul  – Level 92 Follower in Shadowmoon Valley.  Counters: Powerful Spell, also has Jewelcrafting.

Romuul is located south-west of Embaari Village on a small hill, talk to him to start an event. Several waves of wolves will attack you culminating in a rare spawn wolf on the last wave. Defeating all the waves will let you talk to Romuul to add him to your Garrison as a Follower.


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