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Nintendo Needs to Crack Down on Cheaters

I admit, I’m addicted to Wii Mario Kart.  In fact, we’ve played just about every night since we bought this game a few months ago – it’s a great game and we love it – but what’s NOT great are the cheaters who seem to take away the fun of the game.

I won’t bother mentioning the “time” cheaters – the ones who manage to win a race in under 40 seconds (impossible if you play the way you are supposed to) – but a different breed of cheater.  For those who are familiar with Mario Kart – how can someone have a “star” immediately at the start of a race?  As soon as the game starts, I’ve noticed there are some players who have a “star” without even getting a box first.  How does this happen?

I am going to out one player called “Dr. Phil” – who is notorious for having unlimited weapons at the start of the game.  He’ll sit there and blast the living heck out of you as you TRY to race.  In fact, last night, we encountered another player named Nichole who did the same thing by having a star immediately at the start of the game.   To satisfy my curiosity and suspicions, this time, when all the other players took off to race, I sat back and watched as this “Nichole” turn into a star at the start line and took off like a cheat in the night. 

I am baffled.  How do you cheat on a Wii like that?!?!?  The concept completely escapes me.   I didn’t think it was possible but it just goes to show – where there’s a platform, there’s a loser who is bound to cheat it.

I am sure Nintendo is too busy making bank runs to take notice that their games are being molested.   Maybe they don’t care – they’re making the big $$ – and as long as Mario Kart is the #1 selling Wii game out there – who cares, right?  I won’t say that it will stop me from playing the game – but I will say that it does take away the fun of it – and I find myself more aggravated when I play the game now because I have to fight off these cheating losers.

Now when we encounter a cheater, we’ll leave the game and find a new set of people to play with.  I guess I’ll keep doing that until I decide I don’t want to play as much anymore.  Maybe eventually, a lot more people will stop playing and then what will be left?  A game full of cheaters trying to out-cheat eachother – and there goes the so-called family atmosphere of the Wii.

Hey Nintendo – stick that in your Kart and think about it.  … just sayin…..


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