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Why Verizon Sucks

Truthfully, there are many reasons – but I’ll highlight the most recent.  In fact, this incident JUST happened today – so you know I have a lot of steam to blow off.

Our phone line died.   Sounds simple enough right?  After unplugging the phone, waiting… yadda yadda – the next obvious step would be to check the NID – Network Interface Device.  This is the dandy little box you have on the side of your house that will allow you to test the line to see if it’s a problem inside, or outside your home.   One of the advantages of this is – if it’s a line problem – then you need to be home for a technician.  If it’s outside, you can let them know it’s an outside issue, and you wouldn’t need to wait around for a tech to show up at your door.

Well, I call Verizon this morning, and tell them I don’t have this dandy little box, so I cannot check to see where the issue is.  No problem – according to their customer service rep – “bad news is – you don’t have a maintenance plan on your lines, but the good news is – because you aren’t capable of checking the lines yourself, we can install the NID at no charge to you.”  Bad news again, they can’t come until Tuesday.   Ok fine…

Fabulous.  Naturally, I told them to go ahead, make the appointment and install the box.   *long exasperating sigh*

If my life were that easy, I’d be one happy chick.  But, it never is.  The tech guy calls my girlfriend about two hours later (who, by the way, was an hour away) and tells her he’ll be there in 20 minutes.   Naturally, she calls me.  Fortunately, I work about 15 minutes from my house, so — I leave work and rush home to meet with this guy.  Here I thought – it’s a little inconveniencing being dragged out of work, but wow, we can get this done today.

To try and make a long story short – he tells me there is a charge for this box.  It’ll cost $75.  No, no I tell him.  Your rep told me that it was no cost to me because I don’t have a box.  Then he says, “you DO have a box, it’s just outdated”.  So I ask  – can I check the lines from this so called box myself?  He says, “no.”  So … how would I check to see if I have a line problem if I don’t have this box?  “You don’t”.  Okay, so … what the hell does THAT mean now?  (Oh, and after speaking with a supervisor, the cost of this wouldn’t be $75, it would be $35).   Do we make prices up as we go along?  Whatever.

I figured out that Verizon wants ME to pay to upgrade THEIR equipment.  This so called box that I supposedly have is this black piece of plastic with wires sprouting out of it.  It’s sitting on top of a beam in my basement – open and exposed.   This is no “box”.  This is some science experiment attached to my beam, and there is no possible way for me to check the line myself.  The tech guy and I go back and forth a bit, and I tell him I am going to call the company.  I’m not mad at him, mind you, I’m a bit pissy because once again, Verizon fed me a bullshit story.  He insists I have something called a “protector” on it – but that does nothing for me in the way of checking my lines.  So what happens if it is an inside line problem?  Is Verizon going to  charge me for that –  all the while not giving me the opportunity to check the line myself?  *pause*  The answer to that questions is – YES. You will get charged, even though you have no way of checking the line yourself.  (This would matter to people who actually know how to install their own telephone line extensions, and wouldn’t need to pay that “maintenance fee” every month.)

The one bright moment of this ordeal was – the problem was outside the house.  Yay, I don’t have to pay for this – and why am I not surprised their lines are all screwed up?

I call Verizon, get another tech support guy, who tells me he has never heard of such a thing.  In other words, he never heard it being charged before.  He patches me through to billing to ask them if there is a charge, (but of course not before asking me if I want to purchase FIOS) who wanted to patch me back to tech support (maybe because billing guy WASN’T LISTENING TO ME HELLO) … and I told him they were the ones who transferred me to HIM.   Good mother of gravy – IS THERE A FUCKING CHARGE OR NOT????  After repeating myself for the third or fourth time, apparently, there is. So bottom line is, if I want this handy box on the side of my home to MAKE VERIZON’S LIFE BETTER – I have to pay for it.  Bite me.   Of course I told them I didn’t want it, bottom line is I just want my phone to work.

This just validated my theory – Verizon’s ass never met its’ elbow.

So, as irate as I am by this time… this mo-mo, right in the middle of me trying to resolve this issue, stops to ask me about my cable company.  WHAT THE (#@^$*@!#????   After three times of telling him, NO I AM NOT INTERESTED in THREE DIFFERENT WAYS – I managed to hold it together long enough to stay focused, and suggested he tell the head of customer service to not misinform people when they call.   All he cared about was doubling my monthly bill.

*deep breath*

I must have spoken to at least five different people there, and guess what?  I still have no phone service. Now, it’s back to be scheduled for Tuesday.  There was a small pickup truck parked in front of the damn pole, and he UUUGGGHHHHH, couldn’t work around it.  So, you dragged me out of work, annoyed the living shit out of me, all for what?  No dial tone?  Thanks.  This all started when your rep told me this NID was going to be installed free of charge and I said go for it.  After all – who wouldn’t take advantage of that while they could?

Here’s my official statement on this matter:  I’ve already dumped your wireless service, I am two seconds shy of switching phone companies.  All a customer wants when they call is to be told the TRUTH AND TO BE HEARD.   They want people who know what they are talking about, who are informed and can give them an answer without making you waste your time.  In the middle of a customer speaking, don’t interrupt them to ask if they are interested in purchasing more of your overpriced services, when instinct tells you you are about to get hung up on.

When you become the nation’s largest monopoly wanna-be like Verizon, who cares what the customer thinks as long as your executives make the big $$, right?  This is the world’s largest rip off who would charge you for the air you breathe if they could. Verizon – three final words – GO SCRATCH YOURSELF.

I have decided to make my life’s mission to be as Verizon-free as possible.   And this isn’t based on this one incident – OH NO – I have been battling their customer service for some time now over various reasons.  Each reason making me despise them more and more…. I won’t go into the time they charged me for service when it WAS an outside issue (this was when I was living out of state).  I could go on and on … but I will give you the moral of this story…

If you want it, Verizon will charge you.  If you NEED it, they’ll replace it free. I am sure this goes with most service providing companies, but then again, I don’t recall getting this annoyed with my other utility companies.


One Response to “Why Verizon Sucks”

  1. So here it is Monday, and over the weekend we must have received at least 5-6 calls from Verizon confirming our appointment. At least three of them were confirming an appointment for a totally different day, but whatever. I called them this morning to find out what day they decided on showing up – then I was going to tell them I want a credit for anything going past Tuesday. (In fact, I should ask for a credit for being out of a phone all weekend).

    The guy was very nice – but he made me re-hash last week’s fiasco. At this point, I just laughed when he agreed with me that I shouldn’t be charged for a NID box. Even HE said it’s Verizon’s equipment and I shouldn’t be charged for it. Whatever, dude. I am not going there and risk raising my blood pressure again. From you to me to God’s ears, ‘k buddy?

    I told him what the supervisor said to me – if I want it, I have to pay, if I need it, I get it free. Well, I don’t want the damn thing, but I do need it to test my own line – sooooo ……

    *walking away before this blows up again*

    I guess my point here is – there may be a lot of large companies that don’t read on the same page at times. But this is Verizon’s trademark. Tech’s say one thing, billing does another, and customer service is completely clueless.

    I really wish I had more affordable telephone service options in my area. Sure, I can get a cable-phone, but we always worry about cable going out which happens to us frequently. That still may be an option though – if it means kicking Verizon to the curb. *insert snark here*

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