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Garrison followers go on missions that have a variety of rewards including materials to build your Garrison further or entry-level raid loot. They can be collected through questing, achievements, or via the Lunarfall Inn / Frostwall Tavern.

Followers can be assigned on Garrison Missions, which provide you with Garrison Resources, vanity items, follower experience, and even potential gear.

Followers can provide certain bonuses to your Garrison Buildings, such as the ability to change the appearance of your weapon enchant and increase Work Order yield.

Several Bodyguard followers can assist you killing mobs in Draenor and eventually grant special abilities like Ishaal Perk: Courier Raven.

Followers can be obtained by questing and achievements, and players with the Level 2 Lunarfall Inn / Frostwall Tavern can recruit additional followers.

Aknor Steelbringer  – Level 100 Follower from the Raid Achievement: The Steel Has Been Brought.  Counters: Minion Swarms. +1 Ability +3 Traits

Croman – Level 100 Follower from the Dungeon Achievement: Come With Me If You Want to Live.  Counters: Counters: Massive Strike. +1 Ability +3 Traits

Leeroy Jenkins – Level 100 Follower from the Dungeon Achievement: Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy…?
Counters: Minion Swarms. +1 Ability +3 Traits

Meatball  – Level 100 Follower from Brawler’s Guild Rank 5. (5000g for his Contract.)
Counters: Timed Battle. +1 Ability +3 Traits

Millhouse Manastorm – Level 100 Follower from Lunarfall Inn Level 2.
Counters: Deadly Minions. +1 Ability +3 Traits

Cleric Maluuf – Level 100 Follower from Council of Exarchs reputation. Counters: Group Damage.

Purchasable from Vindicator Nuurem the Council of Exarchs reputation vendor in Ashran, once you are Revered with the Council of Exarchs.

Dawnseeker Rukaryx  – Level 100 Follower from Ashran.  Counters: Minion Swarms.

Sold by Dawn-Seeker Krek the Apexis Trader for 5,000g and 5,000 Apexis Crystals. No one is going to want to purchase this Follower until later as Apexis Crystals are the currency for 655 Epics.

Nat Pagle  – Level 100 Follower from your Fishing Shack.
Counters: Deadly Minions. Angler: Allows you to catch Lunkers without bait in Draenor.

Goldmane the Skinner  – Level 100 Follower in Nagrand.
Counters: Danger Zone. Has Skinning – Boosts work order production based on follower level while assigned to the Barn.

Go to Ironfist Harbor on the southern coast of Nagrand and climb the tower at [40,76], Kill Bolkar the Cruel and loot his Key.  Unlock Goldmane’s cage to release him and he will offer you a quest for him as a Follower.

Vindicator Heluun  – Level 100 Follower from the Trading Post.  Counters: Group Damage.

Can purchase from the Sha’tari Defense vendor once you are Revered for 5,000g. Sha’tari Defense requires the Trading Post.

Image of Archmage Vargoth – Level 100 Follower in Draenor.  Counters: Powerful Spell.  You need to collect all the pieces around the world. Requires level 100.

To obtain this follower you will need to find 4 of his items, Mysterious Hat, Mysterious Ring, Mysterious Boots, and Mysterious Staff. Each of these items when looted gives its own quest to turn in – when all 4 items have been turned in you get this rare follower!

Frostfire Ridge (Boots): 68, 18 – NE area in the snow all by itself; I had to go through the lvl 100 area Magnarok to get to them.

Gorgrond (Ring): 39, 39 – South of the FP labeled “Skysea Point”; it’s actually in one of the “craters” on the mountain west of the lvl 100 Iron Horde Orcs and just north of the pools with the “turned to stone” Gronns, etc (Worldrender)

Taladar (Hat): 45, 37 – Shattrath; in the area with the lvl 100 Sargerai mobs. I reached the area by using the Shattrath FP, going down into the city using the elevator, and just running to the coords

Nagrand (Staff): 46, 15 – NW area (excluding Highmaul area). Near the Broken Precipice in the Cerulean Lagoon in which you take damage from the noxious swamp fumes every second.

Phylarch the Evergreen – Level 100 Follower from the Lumber Mill. Counters: Deadly Minions. Also has Evergreen, when assigned to the Lumber Mill increases Garrison Resources yielded from Work Orders by 50%. (Requires a Level 3 Lumber Mill, once you cut down 3 Large Timbers he will let you add him to your Garrison.)

Professor Felblast  – Level 100 Follower from Steamwheedle Preservation Society rep.
Counters: Timed Battle.

Sold by Gazrix Gearlock in Ashran for 5,000g, requires Revered with Steamwheedle Preservation Society.

Talon Guard Kurekk  – Level 100 Follower in Spires of Arak.  Counters: Minion Swarms.

Reward from Mantle of the Talon King achievement which involves completing the Terokk’s Legacy questline in Spires of Arak as well as getting Arakkoa Outcasts rep to Exalted.

Ziri’ak – Level 99 Follower in Spires of Arak.  Counters: Powerful Spell.

Sold by Honest Jim, the Smuggler’s Den Garrison Outpost special ability, for 400g.

Leorajh – Level 97 Follower in Spires of Arak. Counters: Group Damage. Bodyguard who lets you access your Mission table in the field.

Talonpriest Ishaal  – Level 97 Follower in Spires of Arak. Counters: Magic Debuff. Bodyguard who lets you access your mail in the field. (Spires of Arak [46.5,46.8] once you complete all of the Spires of Arak story quests for Between Arak and a Hard Place.)

Defender Illona – Level 95 Follower in Talador.  Counters: Wild Aggression. Bodyguard who lets you summon a party member to your location once you get her to Level 3 Bodyguard.

Weldon Barov – Level 95 Follower anywhere in Draenor.  Counters: Danger Zone.

Pleasure-Bot 8000 – Level 94 Follower in Talador.  Counters: Timed Battle. Has Tailoring.

Torben Zapblast at [62,50] on Duskfall Island gives you the quest Clear! to collect 6 Zapper Sacs from Lakebottom Zappers in the nearby lake. Complete the quest for Pleasure-Bot 8000. 

Tormmok – Level 93 Follower in Gorgrond.  Counters: Wild Aggression. Bodyguard who lets you repair in the field with him once you get him to Level 3 Bodyguard.

Tormmok is located at [45.6,86.2] in Gorgrond. Go up the hill and protect him through waves of attacking mobs in order to get him to give you the quest to add him to your Garrison.

Blook  – Level 92 Follower in Gorgrond.
Counters: Timed Battle, also has Combat Experience – Grants a bonus to mission success chance.

Blook is located at the southern end of Gorgrond. Before you exit the zone into Talador there is a path up into the mountains on the right which takes you to Blook’s Overlook where you can talk to a friendly Blook and confront him. If you beat him in combat he will have a quest turn-in to add him to your Garrison.

Artificer Romuul  – Level 92 Follower in Shadowmoon Valley.  Counters: Powerful Spell, also has Jewelcrafting.

Romuul is located south-west of Embaari Village on a small hill, talk to him to start an event. Several waves of wolves will attack you culminating in a rare spawn wolf on the last wave. Defeating all the waves will let you talk to Romuul to add him to your Garrison as a Follower.


Navajo, Sterling Silver, Liquid Silver, South Western, Southwestern, Vintage and Unique Native American | American Indian Jewelry.

via Starbright Trading Post – Native American Indian Sterling Silver and Turquoise Jewelry – Starbright Trading Post.




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Things I do to amuse myself when bored at work.

Yep.  Lately it’s been pretty quiet at work.  Not that I’m complaining, mind you.  I spend way too much time seeking out funny and cute animals to make me laugh and get me through the day.

I have to hand it to people – they come up with some pretty funny and clever captions.   Perhaps they missed their calling.


What a week.   I couldn’t wait for it to be over, and now that it is, it seems I have become brain dead and numb.

I would say it’s just me, but it wasn’t.  M had a horrible week too, so it must be something in the air.  I think I’ll have to reference the ol’ astrology books and find out if there is a DUH transit happening at present.

Stupid people comprised most of this past week.   I’ve become that much more enlightened to the frightening realization that there are more dumbasses in the world than not.  It’s not very comforting.  I am hoping that this is just an isolated occurrence, but um, I don’t think so.


This younger generation is worrying me.   These are “supposed” to be the ones to run this country and “drive” the economic workplace, yet all I seem to witness are spoiled, whiny little brat-like creatures with no sense of responsibility.    And I am talking about the ones already in their 20’s even 30’s,  mind you.

I am turning 44 this year, and I never thought I would live to see this day.   Today is the day I officially say the things I used to hear when I was younger – and told myself I could never think that way.  Now I find myself thinking that way, and truthfully, now I know why it was said in the first place.

Each generation seems to be de-evolving.  Instead of smarter, kids are getting dumber and lazier by the second.  Their parents are no better mind you – and they are supposedly full-blown adults.   It seems like kids are not being taught a sense of responsibility, and instead, being taught how to do very little and get away with it for as long as they can.   You know this has to be a learned behavior – and I blame it on parental misguidance – neglect and a sense of apathy.

I don’t have any children.  Not for the lack of wanting them, just not finding the right person to have them with.  See, I was taught to think contingently.  Don’t get yourself into anything you couldn’t get out of – and make sure you are willing to live with consequences.  Today’s generation doesn’t understand the concept of consequence – whether it be through action or the result of non-action.   They think they can do whatever – and it should be all good.   Well, guess what?  Um, no.  It doesn’t work that way.  Babies should not be having babies – people should know how to spell basic words by the time they graduate high school – people should have an ounce of common sense by the time they hit their 20’s – exercise some BASIC respect – and be mindful of others.  Guess what?  The world does not revolve around any one person.  You are not THAT special, regardless of what mommy or daddy leads you to believe.

Spoiled ass brat.

I get so tired of running across stupid ass people, and sadly, this world is full of them – and dammit, they are making babies.   If you aren’t sure where I am going with this – take one day to merely observe – and you will know exactly what I am talking about it.   Be the objective observer. You’ll see that the human population is turning into a bunch of blubbering baboons.

I could go on and on, but alas, I have work to do – yet another lost concept.  Here’s a thought – if you feel that you should have fun while you’re still young – do us all a favor and don’t bother getting a job.  There are a lot of adults and responsible people out there who can use the money – have families to support – etc, etc., and you would just be preventing a honest day’s work to someone who really NEEDS a job.   And if you THINK you really need that job – wait until you have a mortgage to pay, car payment to make, kids to slap diapers on, blah blah blah …  Guess what?  Money isn’t just for beer and hookers anymore – some of us actually have real lives.


I feel “a little” better.  I’m sure I’ll be back though.


I admit, I’m addicted to Wii Mario Kart.  In fact, we’ve played just about every night since we bought this game a few months ago – it’s a great game and we love it – but what’s NOT great are the cheaters who seem to take away the fun of the game.

I won’t bother mentioning the “time” cheaters – the ones who manage to win a race in under 40 seconds (impossible if you play the way you are supposed to) – but a different breed of cheater.  For those who are familiar with Mario Kart – how can someone have a “star” immediately at the start of a race?  As soon as the game starts, I’ve noticed there are some players who have a “star” without even getting a box first.  How does this happen?

I am going to out one player called “Dr. Phil” – who is notorious for having unlimited weapons at the start of the game.  He’ll sit there and blast the living heck out of you as you TRY to race.  In fact, last night, we encountered another player named Nichole who did the same thing by having a star immediately at the start of the game.   To satisfy my curiosity and suspicions, this time, when all the other players took off to race, I sat back and watched as this “Nichole” turn into a star at the start line and took off like a cheat in the night. 

I am baffled.  How do you cheat on a Wii like that?!?!?  The concept completely escapes me.   I didn’t think it was possible but it just goes to show – where there’s a platform, there’s a loser who is bound to cheat it.

I am sure Nintendo is too busy making bank runs to take notice that their games are being molested.   Maybe they don’t care – they’re making the big $$ – and as long as Mario Kart is the #1 selling Wii game out there – who cares, right?  I won’t say that it will stop me from playing the game – but I will say that it does take away the fun of it – and I find myself more aggravated when I play the game now because I have to fight off these cheating losers.

Now when we encounter a cheater, we’ll leave the game and find a new set of people to play with.  I guess I’ll keep doing that until I decide I don’t want to play as much anymore.  Maybe eventually, a lot more people will stop playing and then what will be left?  A game full of cheaters trying to out-cheat eachother – and there goes the so-called family atmosphere of the Wii.

Hey Nintendo – stick that in your Kart and think about it.  … just sayin…..


Truthfully, there are many reasons – but I’ll highlight the most recent.  In fact, this incident JUST happened today – so you know I have a lot of steam to blow off.

Our phone line died.   Sounds simple enough right?  After unplugging the phone, waiting… yadda yadda – the next obvious step would be to check the NID – Network Interface Device.  This is the dandy little box you have on the side of your house that will allow you to test the line to see if it’s a problem inside, or outside your home.   One of the advantages of this is – if it’s a line problem – then you need to be home for a technician.  If it’s outside, you can let them know it’s an outside issue, and you wouldn’t need to wait around for a tech to show up at your door.

Well, I call Verizon this morning, and tell them I don’t have this dandy little box, so I cannot check to see where the issue is.  No problem – according to their customer service rep – “bad news is – you don’t have a maintenance plan on your lines, but the good news is – because you aren’t capable of checking the lines yourself, we can install the NID at no charge to you.”  Bad news again, they can’t come until Tuesday.   Ok fine…

Fabulous.  Naturally, I told them to go ahead, make the appointment and install the box.   *long exasperating sigh*

If my life were that easy, I’d be one happy chick.  But, it never is.  The tech guy calls my girlfriend about two hours later (who, by the way, was an hour away) and tells her he’ll be there in 20 minutes.   Naturally, she calls me.  Fortunately, I work about 15 minutes from my house, so — I leave work and rush home to meet with this guy.  Here I thought – it’s a little inconveniencing being dragged out of work, but wow, we can get this done today.

To try and make a long story short – he tells me there is a charge for this box.  It’ll cost $75.  No, no I tell him.  Your rep told me that it was no cost to me because I don’t have a box.  Then he says, “you DO have a box, it’s just outdated”.  So I ask  – can I check the lines from this so called box myself?  He says, “no.”  So … how would I check to see if I have a line problem if I don’t have this box?  “You don’t”.  Okay, so … what the hell does THAT mean now?  (Oh, and after speaking with a supervisor, the cost of this wouldn’t be $75, it would be $35).   Do we make prices up as we go along?  Whatever.

I figured out that Verizon wants ME to pay to upgrade THEIR equipment.  This so called box that I supposedly have is this black piece of plastic with wires sprouting out of it.  It’s sitting on top of a beam in my basement – open and exposed.   This is no “box”.  This is some science experiment attached to my beam, and there is no possible way for me to check the line myself.  The tech guy and I go back and forth a bit, and I tell him I am going to call the company.  I’m not mad at him, mind you, I’m a bit pissy because once again, Verizon fed me a bullshit story.  He insists I have something called a “protector” on it – but that does nothing for me in the way of checking my lines.  So what happens if it is an inside line problem?  Is Verizon going to  charge me for that –  all the while not giving me the opportunity to check the line myself?  *pause*  The answer to that questions is – YES. You will get charged, even though you have no way of checking the line yourself.  (This would matter to people who actually know how to install their own telephone line extensions, and wouldn’t need to pay that “maintenance fee” every month.)

The one bright moment of this ordeal was – the problem was outside the house.  Yay, I don’t have to pay for this – and why am I not surprised their lines are all screwed up?

I call Verizon, get another tech support guy, who tells me he has never heard of such a thing.  In other words, he never heard it being charged before.  He patches me through to billing to ask them if there is a charge, (but of course not before asking me if I want to purchase FIOS) who wanted to patch me back to tech support (maybe because billing guy WASN’T LISTENING TO ME HELLO) … and I told him they were the ones who transferred me to HIM.   Good mother of gravy – IS THERE A FUCKING CHARGE OR NOT????  After repeating myself for the third or fourth time, apparently, there is. So bottom line is, if I want this handy box on the side of my home to MAKE VERIZON’S LIFE BETTER – I have to pay for it.  Bite me.   Of course I told them I didn’t want it, bottom line is I just want my phone to work.

This just validated my theory – Verizon’s ass never met its’ elbow.

So, as irate as I am by this time… this mo-mo, right in the middle of me trying to resolve this issue, stops to ask me about my cable company.  WHAT THE (#@^$*@!#????   After three times of telling him, NO I AM NOT INTERESTED in THREE DIFFERENT WAYS – I managed to hold it together long enough to stay focused, and suggested he tell the head of customer service to not misinform people when they call.   All he cared about was doubling my monthly bill.

*deep breath*

I must have spoken to at least five different people there, and guess what?  I still have no phone service. Now, it’s back to be scheduled for Tuesday.  There was a small pickup truck parked in front of the damn pole, and he UUUGGGHHHHH, couldn’t work around it.  So, you dragged me out of work, annoyed the living shit out of me, all for what?  No dial tone?  Thanks.  This all started when your rep told me this NID was going to be installed free of charge and I said go for it.  After all – who wouldn’t take advantage of that while they could?

Here’s my official statement on this matter:  I’ve already dumped your wireless service, I am two seconds shy of switching phone companies.  All a customer wants when they call is to be told the TRUTH AND TO BE HEARD.   They want people who know what they are talking about, who are informed and can give them an answer without making you waste your time.  In the middle of a customer speaking, don’t interrupt them to ask if they are interested in purchasing more of your overpriced services, when instinct tells you you are about to get hung up on.

When you become the nation’s largest monopoly wanna-be like Verizon, who cares what the customer thinks as long as your executives make the big $$, right?  This is the world’s largest rip off who would charge you for the air you breathe if they could. Verizon – three final words – GO SCRATCH YOURSELF.

I have decided to make my life’s mission to be as Verizon-free as possible.   And this isn’t based on this one incident – OH NO – I have been battling their customer service for some time now over various reasons.  Each reason making me despise them more and more…. I won’t go into the time they charged me for service when it WAS an outside issue (this was when I was living out of state).  I could go on and on … but I will give you the moral of this story…

If you want it, Verizon will charge you.  If you NEED it, they’ll replace it free. I am sure this goes with most service providing companies, but then again, I don’t recall getting this annoyed with my other utility companies.


Just when you think you’ve seen it all.  Check out this exclusive Wii game from ThinkGeek.  It’s called Super PiiPii Brothers.

Whadda ya know.  I can pii and STILL miss.

Whadda ya know. I can pii and STILL miss.

Exerpt:  The play mechanics are simple. Prepare yourself by strapping on the included belt harness and jacking in your Wiimote. A series of toilets are presented on screen and the challenge is to tilt your body to control a never-ending stream of pee. Get as much pee in the toilets as you can while spilling as little on the floor as possible. Sounds easy eh? Well the toilets open and close whack-a-mole style and occasionally the stray cat or other cute critter pops up. Spray a cat for extra points. Get too much pee on the ground and your game is over. With realistic fluid dynamics for the pee and over 100 different bathrooms from bars and palaces to automatic Japanese style toilets you’ll be entertained for hours. And wait until your friends see the multi-player mode with dueling pee streams…

Oooo, dueling pee streams – I have GOT to have this!   But um, is there a price discount if you already have your own strap on?  OOPS, did I say that out loud?

Okay – so is this a WiFi game?  Can we play peeps from around the world and have pee contests? 

As unusual as is this – I find myself wanting to HAVE this – just because.


… lately.

Ever have one of these kind of days?

Ever have one of these kind of days?

This made me laugh so I thought I would share.  Lately, it’s perfect to the kind of days I have been having.


We finally decided to dump Verizon and make the switch over to AT&T.  During this process, we of course, got new phones.  After a long, arduous search, we both decided on the LG Shine.   (We really wanted the Blackberry, but we didn’t want to spend the $$)…. anyway … it’s been over a month now, and I have formed some pretty solid opinions about this phone.

First of all, it’s sleek, it’s gorgeous, but most of all, it’s a sturdy phone.  Unlike the other phone options, this phone is heavy and built very well.  All the others seemed flimsy and slapped together, and I feared breaking it within a week.  (Yes, I can be quite brutish with cell phones).   Kudos for making a phone feel like it’s built to withstand.

It’s packed with loads of features that we’ve opted not to use right now.  But, we figure when we’re ready, there’s the web, music, video and broadcasts we can enjoy.  It certainly has a lot of bells and whistles to it.  It has a task manager, to do lists, calendar scheduling, yadda yadda… you get the idea.

I can’t really provide any feedback on the web services they provide, but from what I understand – it’s pretty decent.  I can watch movies, music videos, youtube, whatever – and it serves as a music player as well.  It has an XM Radio feature which I think rocks.

It’s very shiny.  TOO shiny.  I find myself polishing it frequently as it loves to collect fingerprints.   This is definitely a crime scene investigator’s dream phone.   But, I guess that’s why they call it the Shine.  Hey – it comes in handy when you need a mirror.  (Also a narcissist’s dream come true).

The center button is very weird.  Sometimes it’s very sensitive, other times it’s not.  You have to administer the right pressure to get it to cooperate.  It’s also very easy to select an item menu in error.   I think they should have put a smaller version of a directional touch pad there, but I think that would have been way too small to navigate.  So, needless to say, it gets very annoying when you select the wrong thing and end up on the web.

The lock feature on the phone downright sucks.  I’ve pulled my phone out of my case a few times to find that I signed on to the web.  And yes, they charge you for things ike that, so …. It doesn’t seem to stay locked.  They implemented a feature that allows you to unlock it in a “sequence” – but if you have it in a case, or if you put it on your pocket, apparently, it isn’t hard to unlock the sequence.   They really need to fix that.

The numbered buttons are decent.  They aren’t very big, but they aren’t that small either.  They are the flat buttons, so if you aren’t a fan of that or if you have big fingers or tend to be a bit clumsy on a keypad, you’ll dial the wrong number.  But overall, it’s decent.

The volume on this phone is not so hot either.  I’ve been struggling with being able to hear the phone ring with their ringtones, so I decided to make my own.  That seemed to have worked a charm.  Now, not only do I hear it, but the rest of the office hears it too.   Essentially, it’s not very loud, so if you need something that will ring over regular, every day noise – this phone is going to disappoint you.

Speaking of ringtones, each day I am more and more glad to have dumped Verizon.  Our niece came over for her weekly dinner visit and brings me her Verizon LG Dare phone with a list of songs she wanted as ringtones.  No problem right?  Wrong.  Verizon has a nasty habit of making it very difficult for you to transfer ringtones to their phones.  With the Shine, it was so easy it actually amazed me.  I transfered it from a micro-SD card, and BOOM – instant ringtone.  With the Verizon phone – I found out you either had to email them to yourself (which can reduce the sound quality of the ringtone, and you may have to pay charges for file transfer) or find software to transfer it from your PC to phone.   What a stinker.   I loaded her SD card and told her she’d have to decide what to do.  American Idol was about to come on.

The bluetooth set up was a snap.  I thought I’d have to go through a lot more than I did – but nope.  Easy Breezy.

The camera?  They could have done better.  There is a slight delay when you take a picture.  I attempted to take a picture of one of my cats who doesn’t like to sit still for too long, especially for picture taking.  Let’s just say that I kept getting profile pictures, even though I pressed when he was looking dead into the phone.  You can literally count to two before the pic is snapped.   Not that I take a lot of pictures or expect a cell phone camera to work like a digital one, but it would be nice to know that if you had to take a quick shot of something, you wouldn’t have to wait two or three seconds before the picture is taken.

I’ve played with the video a little bit, and really have nothing to say about it.  I don’t usually judge a camera by it’s video quality, but it seems to be okay.

Overall – the worst I think of the LG Shine is the lock feature, the center button, camera and the volume.  Otherwise, it really is a decent phone and I am pretty comfortable knowing I am going to have it for the next two years.   I haven’t had any issues with sound quality, range or dropped calls (so far).   I give it a thumbs up (mostly).

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